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  • How can I donate?
    We have various ways that you can donate to Legacy: One way is through the Amazonsmile link here: Or through Square at this link: Our Third donation link is to directly sponsor talented students who might not be able to afford lessons: We appreciate your support!
  • What type of nonprofit is Legacy?
    Legacy Theater and Music Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so it is a write off on your taxes.
  • What does Legacy offer?
    Legacy is theater and music company, who offers quality theater productions and lessons for the community. There are dance, acting, or music lessons in addition to offering workshops, group classes, and theater productions. We love being able to inspire the next generation of performers through all aspects of musical theater.
  • Legacy Policy
    We are so happy that you want to dance and work with us, but in order to create a professional, fun, and safe environment for all our students, teachers, parents, family, and friends please understand and comply with the standards below. - By taking lessons and being in the studio you are agreeing to adhere to this policy. Conduct: Listen and respect teachers (Daryl, Monise, Jess, and any teachers) Respect other students - Do not interrupt lessons - Be kind (no bullying will be tolerated) - Do not be disruptive to others - Language and conversation should be respectful and appropriate - Do not take or touch other people's property - Basic “Do to others as you would have them do to you” Contact teachers if you will be late, sick, or canceling. - There is a 24 hour cancelation policy (depending on reason) Attire: - Wear clothing that you can move in. - clothes should stay on and stretch with your body - Be mindful and wear appropriate undergarments - For skirts and dresses please make sure you are fully covered if you bend over or spin around - Appropriate shoes that you are able to move in *If you do not dress following the policy you will be asked to cover up or be dismissed with no refund Maintenance: - Only water allowed on dance studio floor - No eating on dance studio floor - Clean up after yourself (throwing away trash IN the trash cans provided) - Show care to the studio equipment and the space - No touching the mirrors If a person violates or refuses to follow anything listed above, we have the right to dismiss said person from: classes, lessons, or from studio for a limited suspension or permanently with no refund.

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